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What is cable modem ?? 

Cable modem is a sophisticated devices that make it possible to connect your computer, PCs, Laptop or Notebook to the local cable TV line. You will receive data transmission from them then you can use these transmissions to access the Internet. This means, with a cable modem, it is possible to access the Internet and watch your favorite TV shows and channels simultanously at the same time. The simplest cable modems have at least two connectors... The first connector will connect to the data module outlet while another one will connect to your PC / TV.
In this article, you will find how to get the best cable modem 2016 for your needs.
Things to consider
When you are going to buy a cable modem, it's a good idea that you start with reading its reviews. Why?? Because you will get a lot of information there, especially from users. These reviews covers almost anything from design, speed of access, the installation and much more. Also check ratings for the modem, if you visit online store like Amazon or Best buy, you can easily fiend user ratings.. these are importants before you make decision. If a cable modem has high ratings, you can consider to buy them and vice versa.
Today, the best cable modem have been equipped with DOCSIS 3.0 technology (previously was v2.0).. DOCSIS is also known as  Data Over Cable Service Interface Specifications. If the cable modem supports DOCSIS 3.0 feature, you will get higher Internet speed while if the modem only support DOCSIS 2.0, the access speed will be lower.. Find the best one with DOCSIS 3.0 is great for your home/office need.
Also check its compatibility.. some cable modems are not compatible with certain Internet service provide while the other can use it. Check its compatibility first then contact your Internet service provider to subscribe a package.
Now it's time to check your budget... the price of a good cable modem usually higher than modem with less feature. It doesn't matter because if you want to buy the best cable modem, you will spend more money.. It's better and cheaper in comparison with rent cable modem from provider whih is usually priced at $8 or more per month.
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